We are all Makers 23.10.18

23 Oct

Fingerprints are very curious things.  These little spirals and swoops of skin on the end of our digits are intricately designed to provide grip (like super-miniaturised all weather tyres) and every person’s fingerprints are totally unique!  God is clearly committed to the individuality of each of his children.

The same can be said of our eyes. Described as the “windows of the soul” - their colour, markings and size are personal to each one of us, so much so that high security systems now rely on retinal recognition to approve authorised access to top security materials and even buildings.

The eye is in fact a specially adapted part of the brain itself, squeezed through holes in your skull to interact directly with the outside world.  No wonder humans obtain 80% of their knowledge about the world through the eyes – straight into our brains!

Our lifetime experiences are equally unique and individual to each of us, sensed through unique and individual bodies, which are both the means by which we encounter and interact with the universe and simultaneously the cage beyond which we cannot fly!  

Last Sunday at church we were introduced to a new song “So will I” (So Will I (100 Billion X) © Capitol Christian Music Group) which spoke of the glorious creative power of God and his equally awesome and everlasting love for every element of his universe especially each and every human being.  

The final line of this wonderful and worshipful song says “You’re the One who never leaves the one behind”. In other words, our individuality and uniqueness are fundamental to God’s love for us. Each of us is truly precious in His sight. His eyes and his fingerprints are everywhere - in you and me!


The potter works and moulds the clay
And all the while
The earth itself becomes an echo
Of its maker.
The breath, the force of hands
Not simply hearts desire
But owns within itself
The very pulse of life.
At every spin and turn
The shapes within the maker’s hand and eye
Arise where once
Was void and formlessness
Light from dark
Truth from lies and order from confusion.
So let there be…..
In you and me.

(c) Martin Wild 2018

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