Romance and Revelation 17.2.18

16 Feb

Valentine's Day, the annual occasion of pink hearts, over-priced romantic dinners, and giant cards. This year it came and went with my wife and I nearly 20,000 kms apart, with my trip to New Zealand.

Suddenly what could pass by in a moment tugged powerfully at my emotions, as I realised that Sue and I had enjoyed over 50 years of Valentine's wishes since we first met as teenage college students.

Throughout these years, life has cheered and challenged us, but vows made before God, family and friends have held fast. 

I know that it is not always so for everyone, and that the pains and passions of life can leave us battered, bruised and divided. Love is the source of both the sweetest and the toughest moments in life, but the alternative of living life without love would I believe be no life at all. Yet time on one's own provides space for reflection, prayer and contemplation. This week's poem reflects such a moment of quiet solitude in the midst of life. 


Standing on the damp sand’s time

As foam recedes in noisy pebbled rush,

Suspended from my normal world

Of text and phone and email busyness.

"Why am I here? Why do I feel so strange?"

Thinned to transparency by beauty and simplicity of place

I ask myself “how do I truly feel?”

And struggle to articulate what I know is real.

“Why so hard to shape my soul to catch His grace?”

My sense of self, my need to do, 

Slowed, worn smooth.

My only need is you.

(C) Martin Wild 2017

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