Harvest 14.9.18

14 Sep

The long hot summer has faded into the cooling light of early Autumn.  The “third generation” (including ourselves) take time out after the peak summer heat of (grand)child minding! These fading days are also time for harvesting – though this year a good deal was gathered in during August as a result of the early summer heatwave; (that too a fading memory).

In the automated rush of urban life that the majority of us now “enjoy”, the reality of our dependence on the seasons to provide our daily bread can go unnoticed. But in truth we are wholly dependant on the precisely timed spinning of our gently tilted planet around our nearest star without which seasons would not come and go, as surely as night follows day.

It is easy to take God for granted, to side-line his universal work of creation, and the exact design of every plant or creature.  Did you know that every living thing on earth shares a proportion of identical DNA down to the smallest bacterium?  We are all made of the same “stuff” and God made the “stuff” too!

Mankind’s awareness of the wonder of nature and our utter dependence upon the patterns of creation at both the minute and mighty scale was so much more in evidence in early societies, as can be seen in much of Scripture where the stories of tribal life are set into the landscapes of the seasons, and each year is marked by festivals and ceremonies that celebrate the passage of time. This was never more true than in the book of Ruth where seasons of famine and plenty cause the migration of people across the lands and the grace of God is finally encountered in a season of harvest and homecoming.


God of the edges
Not standing centre stage
But glimpsed at the corner of the eye.
Where you go I go
And where you stay I stay.
But the merest gleaning of His harvest
Is the richest bounty,
Leading to the fullest favour
In the house of Him who loves you.
Sleep at His feet.
He will protect you
And at the end
Bring you to the highest place.
Child of God
And mother of His earthly ancestry.

(c) Martin Wild 2018  (Inspired by the Book of Ruth)

Start to Finish (The Books of the Bible in Poetry)  ISBN 978-1-5272-1930-4

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