Foreknowing 3.12.18

03 Dec

For the past 5 weeks our church has been exploring the nature of prayer, a subject too profound to ever be more than tasted.  

“Your will be done” sits at the very centre of the opening words that Jesus gave to his followers when they asked him to show them how to pray.  Here is Jesus who is himself “in very nature God” giving precedent to His Father and seeking to align his will on earth with the eternal will of God in heaven.

How often do we pray for what we want or need, hoping that in directing our words heavenward our heavenly Father will act in accordance with our urgent requests, whether they are His will or no.  Paradoxically we can also feel dishonest if our urgent prayers are framed within a call to “Your will be done”, as if we are letting God off the hook if it doesn’t come about as we ask.

How then to pray?  Two words seem particular to the moment. Honesty and Bravery. Prayers should come from the heart not just the head, and we are called to be unafraid.  God can be trusted with our thoughts, our emotions, our fears and our doubts.

An audience of one is more than sufficient laden as it is with Grace. So take the time to pray, for when God made time He made a lot and He is ever attentive to our child like mumbling.

Prayer in a shadowed corner of a room,
Streams of urgent thankfulness,
Leaning into silence
Where whispers are a pulse beat,
The sound of life itself.
Stretched into blankness,
Deep calls to deep;
A void of all but self
Stood sentinel at heaven’s gate.
Answers are there none
No prophecy or comforting
But yet a tempered realigning
Of the very substance of the heart.
Ask and it is given,
Promises fulfilled in ways
To wind creation’s time
To its foreknown concluding.

(c) Martin Wild 2018

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