Equality and Diversity 27.1.18

27 Jan

Over the past 20 years I have gained immensely from the teaching at my church. I have come to know that God is not far off, but so close that I cannot separate my very existence from His presence. His spirit lives within me, gracing the truth that He made me (as every human being) in His image. 

So much is rightly made these days of the need for the equality of the sexes. For far too long the male world view has dominated and domineered that of the female and this existential battle is far from over. But at the same time the differences between the sexes remain of paramount significance. Women are not the same as men, but they have identical value, made in God's image, and loved eternally. 

This poem reflects on the wonder of God's Spirit within us and the marvel that God became human through the faith and selfless love of his human  mother. 

Pathways in Palestine

The divine in the middle of the ordinary,

God in the midst of us,

Overshadow and within.

God is here. God's love's alive.

I can't explain. Words won't work.

I want to hug the world to right.

My foolishness makes me weak

And His grace makes me cry.

As Mary walked the narrow paths in Palestine

Christ recumbent in her womb,

Her hands trailing along the walls on either side

Catching the scent of rosemary and thyme,

Her thoughts - no her very soul - aglow, 

Her fingers catch upon a thorn.

Blood and pain in the passion, 

The living and the dying.

Tears flow for a moment. Fear rises

Then subsides. God is with me.

And so she goes through the fields of life

The human mother of Christ. God bearer.

So too must I.

I too, God bearer.

God within me, His life force indwelling.

This living and this dying.

My tears and fears arise and flow.

Yet God is with me. 

(C) Martin Wild 2017

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