Ending and Beginning 31.12.17

31 Dec

Time is funny stuff. Seemingly endless but can never be recycled, once used its gone forever.  In an instant it moves from the unknown future to the permanent past. And time carries with it every moment of existence - the entirety of the universe passing away tick by tick, heartbeat by heartbeat. 

So make the moments count.  Savour them. Treasure them. And let them go. 

As I get older it seems increasingly clear that time is indeed in His (God's) hands. Time's universal heartbeat governs all elements from galaxies to quarks and all of life in all its forms. Psalm 75 says (v2) You say "I chose the appointed time: it is I who judge uprightly". (NIV). 

In 2017 I have learnt from my own detailed experiences to trust Him with all that matters most in life; family, health, finances, work and play. Its hard to let go of our self centred sense that "life is down to me". It never is.  At very least we are co-dependent on those around us, and all of us live within the destiny of time itself, as this poem seeks to highlight.  

Happy New Year. 

Sunshine and Storms

A cloud as small as a man’s hand 

Rises on the far horizon,

Caught but in the corner of one’s eye.

Moving swiftly

As an eagle swoops upon its prey

With talons drawn to snare those unaware

Of gathering gloom.

So come the storms of life

Sweeping in from distant shore

Driving hard against the wall 

Those caught unguarded 

Unprepared for war.

You stun your image bearers

With your voice as thunder,

And still the seas to slumber

With but a single word.

You break to sunlight

Each new morning 

And grace our souls

With whispered comforts

As a summered breeze.

You mark our days

And season all our striving.

(c) Martin Wild 2017 

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