Christmas Music 17.12.18

17 Dec

Music is profoundly mysterious, inspiring and amazing; whether rock, country, soul, classical, house, hip-hop or any other of the myriad genres that now define this ever expanding “Musiverse” (not to mention all the other global music forms that thrive beyond the boundary of our western music culture).

Why is the human spirit so finely attuned to the sequencing of particular sounds? Birds have songs, but these are tied almost entirely to the demands of attracting a mate; but no other creature on the planet makes music with voice and instruments purely for the emotions it imbues – joy, peace, celebration, grief, fear, passion or wonder.

Clearly musicality inherently exists in us all from the very genesis of our individual being. Many a mother to be has reported the effect of playing music to her unborn child. For some the desire to compose, sing and play becomes their life’s motivation. Culture undoubtedly plays its part, hence the diversity of global soundscapes – but this seems secondary to our innate yearning for music and song.

I sometimes wonder if the origin of everything lies not so much in a word - or rather The Word - but in The Song. The voice of God singing out across the universe, bringing light and life into what had been dark and formless, void and empty. Wave upon wave of music endlessly diverse; and with humankind, made in His image and likeness, each sensing the song of our Maker from deep within.

Perhaps that is why when we assemble to worship God in church, cathedral or temple, music and song is so integral and why it is so profoundly enriching. As Duke Orsino says in Shakespeare’s Christmas play Twelfth Night “If music be the food of love, play on.”

Christmas Music

Twelve days and nights

Mark love’s fulfilment

In the coming of Emmanuel

The source of life and time.

As Angels hail His coming

With songs of joy,

Heaven’s music pours

Once more

Pure grace on grace

At His anointing.

And we, in soul surrender

Sing out our Christmas worship

To complete the cycle

Of this season’s song.

Blessed is He

Who comes in the Name of the Lord.

© Martin Wild 2018

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