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Hidden Love from The Gospels in Harmony

Worship band "Acts" New album "Narrow Gate" will shortly be available for download on all major platforms. This song based on Poem 39 from The Gospels in Harmony is the first track released.

Divine Purpose

The Gospels in Harmony

Bible readings and original poems that reveal the life of Jesus

All the parts of harmony have as their ultimate purpose a single beautiful melody


Remembrance 16.11.2019

Remembering those whose lives have enriched our own

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Student or Disciple 28.05.2019

The paradox of faith and doubt are inevitably part of life overcome in the encounter with the risen Lord.

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Contentment 20.05.2019

The simple things of life taste as sweet as those moments of adventure or escape. Take time to enjoy every day as it comes

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Hands of Time 05.02.2019

50,000 years of art reveal our shared creative past and common humanity

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New Year, New Creation  03.01.2019

What exactly is "growing"? The answer is an intriguing creative mystery

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Christmas Music 17.12.18

Music is mysterious in the way it can reach to our emotional and spiritual core

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Foreknowing 3.12.18

Exploring the nature of prayer is a profound journey

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Sheep without a Shepherd 13.11.18

Amidst the troubles and confusion of contemporary society and politics the gift of compassion shines like a beacon of hope

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We are all Makers 23.10.18

We are inheritors of God's creative genius. Using this gift for the good of all is key to Christian witness

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The Choice 9.10.2018

The difficult choices that humankind faces if we are to avoid the catastrophic change to global climate is an issue for us all

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Writer 30.9.18

The work of writing is curiously solitary in contrast to the work of publishing and promotion, yet to hold ones book in ones hand is something remarkable

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Harvest 14.9.18

Autum a time for harvest and homecoming; Thanksgiving and celebration

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About About About
Martin is the third son of a large post war Catholic family, born in the West Riding of Yorkshire who, for the past 28 years, has lived in a Staffordshire village with his wife, family and a series of 5 female cats! Practised in the intricacies of a Sunday altar boy, Martin, like many a teenager, subsequently lapsed into quiet agnosticism and occasional church observance until, approaching 50 and by then a successful IT professional, circumstances led him to attend a local evangelical Pentecostal church and the (re)igniting of his faith.

For the past 18 years Martin has served as an elder of his church, whilst pursuing his love of biblical storytelling and latterly the writing of poetry, largely (but not exclusively) on faith based themes.

Martin’s greatest pleasure remains family life. He and his wife Sue regularly visit Bristol where their two daughters live with their husbands and six cherished grandchildren. Martin’s published writings are dedicated to all these vital aspects of his life.

Martin's second poetry anthology "The Gospels in Harmony" has just been published in paperback and is available on line direct from the publisher at Onwards and Upwards, can be ordered from your local Christian bookstore, via and of course from Amazon, (including e-book format)

 Martin's first volume of poetry "Twice Times Telling, the books of the bible in poetry"  has also been republished this year as Start to Finish on Amazon in both paperback and e-book format.



  • Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire, United Kingdom